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Bipartisan group of legislators defeat pro-fracking bill in state Senate, clean water advocates celebrate

A bipartisan coalition of state senators beat back an attempt to advance fracking in the state of Florida, voting down Senate Bill 318 on a key panel 10 to 9. 

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Report highlights potential for solar energy on big box stores

Environment Florida released a report today showing tremendous potential for solar installations on “big box” retailers, grocery stores, and shopping centers.

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Florida ranks 8th in Solar Jobs

 The Solar Foundation released its 2015 solar jobs census today, showing 208,859 Americans now work in the solar energy sector, including 6,560 in Florida. The national solar jobs number represents a 20.2 percent increase from the previous year – the third consecutive year that solar jobs have grown by 20 percent or more.

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Hillsborough County Commissioners pass unanimous resolution against fracking

The Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners voted late this morning on a resolution against fracking. The resolution opposes some of the most egregious parts of Senate Bill 318, including the preemption of local governments' ability to regulate all facets of oil and gas extraction and exploration.

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Clean water wins as Congress rejects budget rider

Due to overwhelming public support, the Clean Water Rule has now withstood every attack that polluters could muster in Congress - the Barrasso bill, the CRA measure, and now an attempted budget rider.  Polluters and their allies have played all their dirty water cards in Congress and lost.