2019 Federal Priorities

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Climate change & clean energy
Renewable energy

Our dependence on coal, oil and gas is polluting our air, water and land, harming our health, and changing our climate even faster than scientists had predicted. Meanwhile, technologically-advanced solar and wind power and battery storage are getting more efficient and cheaper. Environment Florida supports legislation to transition our country to generating 100 percent of its power from clean, renewable energy sources.


Cars and trucks account for 20 percent of all global warming emissions. To curb climate change, we must:

Keep making cars and trucks more fuel-efficient, as called for in the 2012 standards agreed to by EPA, the Department of Transportation, the State of California, automakers, unions and environmental organizations. The Trump administration decided to roll back these standards, which would eliminate 6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. Congress must prevent this rollback and get the United States back on track toward cleaner transportation.

Renew and extend the electric vehicle (EV) tax credit. This tax credit, established in 2008, gives $2,500 to $7,500 directly to EV buyers as an incentive. Congress needs to extend and expand this program.

Expand the number of electric charging stations. More available and more convenient charging stations will help increase market demand for EVs.

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Preserve the arctic refuge

Allowing oil exploration and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would spoil one of our last and greatest wild places, a breeding ground for millions of birds and home to endangered polar bears and more than 200,000 caribou. As 21st-century renewable energy use surges across the nation, it makes even less sense to plunder the crown jewel of America’s wildlife refuges for last century’s fossil fuels. Congress should permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Reauthorize and fund the LWCF

Despite bipartisan support and a 50-year track record as America’s most successful conservation and recreation program, the Land & Water Conservation Fund expired after Congress failed to reauthorize it. In all 50 states and six U.S. territories, the program has paid for thousands of projects, ranging from national parks and wildlife refuges to local hiking trails and community parks. Congress should permanently reauthorize the program with full funding.

Park maintenance

For too many years, our beautiful National Park system has been underfunded. This has led to to a backlog of nearly $12 billion in maintenance and repairs. Our national parks protect and preserve for all Americans some of the most majestic, awe-inspiring stretches of our planet. Congress must give our national parks the funding they need and deserve. 


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Clean Water
Invest in clean water

The tragic Flint water crisis shed light on a national problem: aging infrastructure is endangering our water and health. To prevent pollution and protect our drinking water, Congress should dramatically increase investments in smart water infrastructure. That funding could pay to replace aging service lines that leach lead into the water, replace old leaky pipes that waste water, and build new green infrastructure, which mimics nature to absorb and filter water, to reduce sewage overflows.

Defend our clean water protections

While our nation should be taking more vigorous steps to curb pollution that threatens our rivers, lakes and streams, at the very least, this Congress must reject all attempts to weaken or limit the scope of federal clean water protections, whether through legislation or actions of federal agencies.

Yet the Trump administration is moving to strip Clean Water Act protections for countless streams and wetlands, which help provide drinking water for up to 117 million Americans and are vital to the health of our most iconic waterways—from the Great Lakes to the Chesapeake Bay.