Jamie Lockwood on the right / David Artushin Photography


Meet one of our organizers, Jamie Lockwood
Jamie Lockwood started on staff on our Conservation America campaign team and immediately began working to save the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Unless you read the small print on park signs, you might not realize that LWCF has funded a lot of the places that so many of us cherish across the country: parks, trails, national monuments — even local ball fields.
Jamie Lockwood delivers baseball cookies to Congress to highlight LWCF support of local baseball fields and parks

LWCF’s good work almost came to a crashing halt when Congress let the program expire in September 2018. We were leaders in the successful effort to reauthorize the program in March 2019 — a rare bipartisan victory for the environment in Washington, D.C.

Now, we’re doing all that we can to get the program funding that Congress has long promised but rarely delivered. That’s where Jamie comes in. She knocked on doors in key congressional districts and talked to residents about LWCF and the lands it protects. And when she’d convinced them to show their support to fund the project, she helped them set up lawn signs to spread awareness and support to their neighborhood.

Staff helped supporters set up lawn signs / Suzanne Navarro Photography

During the World Series, Jamie headed to Washington, D.C., and met with members of Congress to deliver baseball cookies stamped “#FundLWCF” to remind them that the program protects ball fields that children learn to play on across the country.

And just in time for Thanksgiving, Jamie rallied Environment America members at James Island County Park to thank U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham for his support of LWCF.

Now, Jamie is organizing community members and coalition partners to work toward clean energy and global warming solutions in North Carolina.

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