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Meet a few of our members and hear why they support our work
Support from our members makes it possible to win results that make a real difference at the local, state and federal level. Meet a few of the many supporters who are part of our team.

Emilio and Mary, Environment Minnesota 

“We learned about Environment Minnesota from an enthusiastic canvasser who gave us a friendly knock. Since then, we’ve given our support to Environment Minnesota because of their dedication to educating Minnesota’s citizens and Legislature about the environmental issues that affect us all, and highlighting the measures we should take to prevent environmental problems in the future.”

“We know that to preserve our wild places and prevent the worst impacts of climate change we, as citizens, have to stand up to powerful interests, or else major polluters will continue to upheave our ecosystems and stall our progress toward carbon neutrality. Only through combined civic, financial and legal efforts, championed by groups like Environment Minnesota and their members, can we make progress toward a sustainable future.”

Phyllis, Environment Colorado 

“My physician husband and I have worked globally together for 42 years on four continents in invited opportunities to develop health care programs. Today, we enjoy hiking and cross-country skiing in this geographic wonder of Colorado, which we treasure as our home. I am passionate about nurturing our postcard state for our children and granddaughters. I am especially committed to addressing contamination of air and water, which disproportionately affects those who are impoverished — both locally and globally. We continue our financial support of Environment Colorado and Environment Colorado Research & Policy Center because of two key categories of their work. One is their research and policy branch, ever increasing its robust development and published articles. The other is their intelligent, informed, committed advocacy at the Colorado Legislature.”

Bruce, Environment America

“Growing up in an Army family that moved every two years, I developed my love of nature as a young child swimming in the Pacific Ocean in the Panama Canal Zone, camping along rivers and skiing in Oregon, and boating on New England lakes. I have become increasingly alarmed as the impacts of climate change have occurred much more quickly than we had anticipated only 10 years ago. It is now apparent that we need to take significant action in the next few years if we are to have any chance of avoiding the really significant impacts of a changing climate. I support Environment America because of their focus on educating both the public and elected representatives on the reality of climate change, and on the importance of developing and implementing policies that will significantly reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.”

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