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St. Pete approves roadmap to 100 percent renewable energy

Late last night, the St. Petersburg City Council unanimously passed a plan to fulfill the city’s commitment to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2035. St. Pete now joins Orlando in establishing both a goal and clear path to reaching 100 percent renewable energy citywide.

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Statement: EPA seeks to legalize pollution via groundwater

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a new interpretation of the Clean Water Act on Monday that fails to protect against pollution that passes through groundwater before reaching our waterways. The EPA is grossly misinterpreting the Clean Water Act and putting our waters at risk by opening loopholes for pollution. This change would leave the public vulnerable to toxic pollution, as our current lawsuit in Massachusetts demonstrates.

News Release | Environment Florida Research & Policy Center

Florida water quality experts call out proposed federal rollback of clean water, wetland protections

Gainesville, FL -- With only two weeks left for Floridians to comment, Florida water quality experts called out the proposed federal revisions to the Clean Water Act that could further threaten Florida’s waterways. As Florida faces increasingly severe water quality challenges, the administration’s Dirty Water Rule would strip federal protections from thousands of waterways across the country, including in Florida.

News Release | Environment Florida Research & Policy Center

Tallahassee faculty, student leaders to host “Renewable Energy Roundtable”

In celebration of Earth Month, Environment Florida Research & Policy Center will hold a “Renewable Energy Roundtable” at Florida State University to discuss the technology, infrastructure and policies needed to transition to a society completely powered by renewable sources.